1721 – William Taverner (Carte)

A Defcription of the ifland of St Peters, by Capt. William Taverner.

THE ifland of St Peter’s is subject to Fogs of a different dryer nature than those in other parts; and yet it is an extraordinary good place for drying and curing Cod Fish. There is good Fishing Ground round all the island: The Harbour is good for Ships to ride in, especially the Bottom of it called the Bougway, where no Wind can hurt them; there is Reach enough for 300 Boats. It lies in 47 Degrees 10 Minutes North Latitude, where the Compass hath two Points Variation Wefterly.
Note, That the small Crosses in this Chart signify Rocks under Water, and the Figure shew the Depth of the Water in Fathoms.

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