1902 – Town Burned Out

The Coshocton Age, Tuesday November 4 1902
Town Burned Out.
St Johns, Nov. 3. – The town of St. Pierre, Miquelon, has been devastated by fire. A destructive conflagration started Saturday night and swept the main portion of the town. The governor’s house, the government buildings, the courthouse, the building occupied by the ministry of marine, the Roman Catholic cathedral, the presbytery, the schools and a number of other buildings were destroyed. It has not been learned how the fire originated. The extent of the disaster is very farreaching and the financial loss will probably reach half a million dollars. There was no loss of life or serious accident. The rapid spread of the conflagration was due to the trifling water supply and to the fact that St. Pierre has no adequate fire-fighting apparatus.

Marc Albert Cormier

Marc Albert Cormier est originaire des îles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. Passionné par l'histoire de son archipel natal, il a consacré d'importants moyens à la mise sur pied de ce projet d'encyclopédie virtuelle et historique.

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