1764 – The Public Register

The Public Register, Dublin, October 9, 1764

Admiralty-Office, Oct 2. By Letters lately received from Commodore Paliſſer, dated at St. John’s in Newfoundland the ſirſt of laſt Month, it-appears, that having diſpatched a Sloop with a Letter to the French Governor at St. Pierre, to enquire into the Truth of the Reports which prevailed of the French haying mounted Cannon, and erected Works on that Iſland contrary to Treaty, he, in Anſwer, received Aſſurances from the ſaid Governor, that there was only one Four Pounder Gun mounted without a Platform, and with no other Intention than to anſwer Signals to their Fiſhermen in foggy Weather; that there were no Buildings or Works erected contrary to Treaty; and that the « Guard confided of no more than Forty-ſeven Men, and had never exceeded Fifty. It farther appears by the Commodore’s ſaid Letters, that there had not been, or were at that Time, at the Llands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, more than one French Ship of War of 50 Guns, one Frigate of 26 Guns, and another of leſs Force, with two large Ships en Flute, the Deſtination of one of the ſaid Ships en Flute being for Cayenne, and the other for St. Domingo : That none of thofe Ships had, arid, the Commanding Officer aſſured the Commodore, none of them would, enter into any of the Harbours on the Coaſts of Newfoundland. And the Commodore adds, that the concurrent Fiſhery in. thoſe Parts of the ſaid Coaſts, whereon the French are by Treaties permitted to fiſh, had been carried on in perfect Tranquility.

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