1930 : Object to French Restrictions on Liquor Exports to U.S.

8 juillet 1930
Object to French Restrictions on Liquor Exports to U.S.

Paris, July 7 – Efforts of the department of colonies to prevent the legal handling of liquor shipments by residents of the islands of Miquelon, off the Newfoundland coast, have met with much opposition from inhabitants of the island, who are besieging the ministry with protests defending their right to the profits of this trade.
In the past few months, these islands have grown comparatively wealthy from the flood of liquor which pours through the islands en route to the United States as a result of the closing of the Canadian border to this trade. Official statistics obtained by the American embassy showed in a startling way the enourmous increase in the shipment of liquors which comes from these islands from Canada and the British Isles.

Marc Albert Cormier

Marc Albert Cormier est originaire des îles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. Passionné par l'histoire de son archipel natal, il a consacré d'importants moyens à la mise sur pied de ce projet d'encyclopédie virtuelle et historique.

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