1917 : Surviving Members of Force Furnished by Saint-Pierre

SAINT PIERRE. Miquelon, March 12 — A little more than 30 per cent of the several hundred men whom this little colony of France contributed in defense of the motherland have died on the battlefield.
Those surviving are returning in small units en short furloughs. Twenty eight soldiers are here now and 12 more are expected this week.
All seem to be in excellent health giving every appearance of having been well fed and otherwise cared for They are as one in asserting confidently that the "Germans will not hold out much longer." The Island soldiers assume the risks of war with their typical fisherman’s philosophy. From boyhood their have faced death in pursuit of their calling as fishermen, the one industry of the island and the spirits of the returning fighters appear to be about as buoyant as these sons ever permit their spirits to be.

Lowell Sun, Massachusetts, March 12, 1917

Grand Colombier

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