1941 : The Consul at St. Pierre-Miquelon to the Secretary of State

The Consul at St. Pierre-Miquelon (Pasquet) to the Secretary of State
St. Pierre-Miquelon, December26, 1941

(…) The Admiral plans to keep the corvette Mimosa, his flagship, and the Surcouf in St.Pierre until the colony is running smoothly again and its protection assured.
I then asked Admiral Museler what financial arrangements he expected to make to continue the supplying of this colony and he replied that the New York Free French committee was conduction negotiations to that effect but that in any event the General would be making suitable arrangements. This point, of course, has been brought up by several local residents but the Admiral is relying on Prime Minister Churchill’s promise to finance territories coming under control of the Free French.
Respectfully yours, Maurice Pasquet.

Marc Albert Cormier

Marc Albert Cormier est originaire des îles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. Passionné par l'histoire de son archipel natal, il a consacré d'importants moyens à la mise sur pied de ce projet d'encyclopédie virtuelle et historique.

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