1918 : Fishing Schooner Sunk By Submarine

Fishing Schooner Sunk By Submarine
Crew of J.J. Flaherty Landed at St. Pierre Miquelon
Replace Lost Trawlers
[27 / 08 / 1918 : Manitoba Free Press]

Gloucester1, Mass., Aug. 26. Sinking of the Gloucester fishing schooner, J. J. Flaherty, by a German submarine, was reported in a message received here by the owners from Capt. Chas. T. Gregory, who, with his crew of 24, have landed safely at St. Pierre, Miquelon. Capt. Gregory did not tell where or when his vessel was sent down, the message merely stating « torpedoed, all hands saved and at St. Pierre. » It was …

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