1925 : St. Pierre and Miquelon Stagger Under Booze Load

St. Pierre and Miquelon Stagger Under Booze Load
October 1st, 1925, Lethbridge Herald

GLASGOW, Oct. l. St. Pierre and Miquelon, the little French islands off the Newfoundland coast, are whiskey-logged, according to reports hero. Four hundred thousand gallons of liquor, chiefly Scotch whiskey, are said to have been landed there, by rum-runners who could not dodge the coastguard and put it ashore in the United States. The liquor is valued at $3,750,000.

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1934 : Sam Bronfman and Allan Bronfman sought by RCMP

Two Montrealers, Sam Bronfman and his brother Allan, sought by Royal Canadian Mounted Police as alleged members of a huge $5,000,000 Canadian liquor smuggling ring, announced last night from Ottawa that they were prepared to return to Montreal and surrender.

– Gazette, Thursday, Dec. 13, 1934

Return they did, together with their two other brothers, Harry and Abraham. And so began what Bronfman family chronicler Peter C. Newman calls  »the legal battle of their lives. »

The charges were fallout from Prohibition in the United States, the  »noble experiment » that had ended the year before as something of an …

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