1878 – Newfoundland Pilot

Compiled by Staff Commander W. F. Maxwell R.N. 1878


Variation in 1878
Saint-Pierre 28° 20’W
Miquelon 28° 40’ W

ST. PIERRE ISLAND, W. by S. ½ S. 10 miles from May point, is barren in appearance and irregular in its outline, which appears from a distance to be composed of many peaks, the highest of which is 671 feet above high water, and is thus easily distinguished from Langlade or Little Miquelon, the outline of which is nearly horizontal. At the south-east extreme is a conspicuous conical hill …

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1930 : France Doesn’t Forfeit Title To Twin Islands

13 mai 1930
France Doesn’t Forfeit Title To Twin Islands
By Henry Sommerville

Special Cable to the Star by Staff reporter.
London, May 13. – Authorities here having consulted Franco-British treaties find that the island of St. Pierre and Miquelon belonged to France under building restriction by the treaty of 1763, but were cede to France with full sovereignty by the treaty of 1783. The recent erection there of warehouses and commercial buildings does not, therefore, affect the title of France to the islands, as had been suggested in Canada.

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Said to be Work of Anarchists
(Special,Direct Cable Coy.)
St John’s NF Nov 14

The disastrous fire which broke out in St. Pierre, Miquelon on Nov. 1, is now believed to have been the work of anarchists. It was known that the Cathedral was set on fire by incendiaries and last Sunday night an attempt was made to blow up the powder magazine; which contains the entire stock of explosives for the Island. Had this attempt proved successful, the town would have been destroyed. A Basque and a Spaniard have been arrested on a charge of …

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1869 – What Is St. Pierre and How and Why Is the New Cable There?

New York Herald Monday, July 19, 1869
What Is St. Pierre and How and Why Is the New Cable There?

St. Pierre is a very little island – a mere speck in the blue sea. Its area is but one hundred and six square miles, and its permanent population but two thousand persons. But as it is a national rendezvous and shelter for the French boats that fish in these seas, its population is very movable in numbers as well as otherwise. It is one of three islands that compose the French colony of St. Pierre and Miquelon. There is …

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