1941 : Secretary of State to Ambassador Leahy (Vichy France)

The secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Leahy)
Washington, December 25, 1941.

The Secretary of State issued the following statement today :
« Our preliminary reports show that the action taken by three so-called Free French ships at St. Pierre-Miquelon was an arbitrary action contrary to the agreement of all parties concerned and certainly without the prior knowledge or consent in any sense of the U.S. Government.
This Government has inquired of the Canadian Government as to the steps that Government is prepared to take to restore the status quo of these islands. »
Cordell Hull

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1941 : Anthony Eden to Viscount Halifax

No: 7243
Dec. 25, 1941

Addressed to Washington telegram No. 7243 of December 25th, repeated to Ottawa No. 2256.

My telegram No. 7008.

Admiralty received a telegram from Admiral Muselier dated December 24th in which he stated that « in compliance with the order quite recently received from General de Gaulle and the request of the inhabitants » he had proceeded on the morning of December 24th to St. Pierre and rallied the people to Free France and the Allied Cause with an enthusiastic reception.

2. This was a complete surprise to …

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