9 février 1942 – l’Alysse

« On loan from Royal Navy since 17 June 1941.
On 9 February 1942 she was torpedoed and sunk in the North Atlantic, about 420 nautical miles east of Cape Race, Canada in approximate position 46º00’N, 44º00’W by the German submarine U-654 while escorting convoy ON-60.
68 Of her crew went down with the ship there were 117 survivors which includes the wounded commanding officer (Lieutenant De Vaisseau Jacques Pepin-Le Halleur) and were resued by Hepatica and Moose Jaw. »

Saint-Pierrais, engagés volontaires à bord de l’Alysse

  • Joseph Vigneau – 28 ans
  • Jean Boudreau – 18 ans
  • René Lemaine –
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