1909 : To Abandon Islands.

1er juin 1909 : Toronto Star
To Abandon Islands.

St. Pierre Miquelon, June 1. – A conflict over the measures advocated in France for the re-population and restoration of industrial activity of this little islands colony, the lone surviving remnant of France’s once great dominion in North American, will result, it is feared, in the abandonment of the colony by the remaining 5,000 persons.

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1903 : Miquelon Island Scare

5 décembre 1903 : Toronto Star

Paris, Dec. 5. – An authoritative denial is given to the report that negotiations were in progress for the sale of the colony of St. Pierre and Miquelon, off the south coast of Newfoundland by France to the United States

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1929 : Isles of Romance, George Allan England

Isles of Romance, George Allan England. The Century CO. New York, London. Copyright 1929. [Although copyright has not expired, I have not been able to join anyone related to G.A. England or The Century CO. I therefore assume that the following extracts are for all practical purposes public domain. If anyone related to G.A. England or the estate of the Century CO. disagree with this please contact me.]

Chapter V

France’s Last North American Colony,
a Corner of the Old World in the New.

A BIT of old France lies at our very doors, in the North …

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