1903 – Election at Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

December 29, 1903 The San Francisco call
Candidate Favoring Annexation to the United States Beaten by Only a Few Votes.

ST. JOHN’S- Newfoundland. Dec. 28. — The contest in St. Pierre and Miquelon for a Representative in the French Chamber of Deputies resulted to-day in the re-election of Legasse by small majority over Fremont (Delmont), who it is understood Is in favor of the annexation of the colony to the United States. As Legasse. represented the fishing interests, the small majority by which he has been re-elected is looked upon as evidence …

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1903 – Three Duels Over Election Issues

The News
Frederick, Maryland, Friday, December 11, 1903

Three Duels Over Election Issues
St. John’s, N.F., Dec. 11 – Three duels were fought in St. Pierre, Miquelon, during the past fortnight as a result of the issues in the campaign for the election of a representative from the colony to the French chamber of deputies. This election will take place December 27. Notwithstanding the denial by the French government that the islands were to be sold to the United States, the report to this effect forms one of the campaign issues.

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