1905 – Dueling still common at St Pierre

At St Pierre and One Man Has Fought Ten Times
Chicago News

  • December 29, 1905 – The Hartford republican. (Hartford, Ky.)
  • April 05, 1906 – Hopkinsville Kentuckian

There is one place in North America where dueling is still common

That is St Pierre Miquelon. Among other practices peculiar to the mother country France is that of settling affairs of honor by an appeal to the pistol or the rapier. From a recent publication in the Pierrois journal, La Vigie (The Lookout) it is learned that 17 duels have taken place there the last four years or an …

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1846 – Report on the French fisheries established at St. Pierre

Report on the French fisheries established at St. Pierre, in Newfoundland, prepared by direction of the honorable the collector of her Majesty’s customs, 1846.

It will be seen by the following statement that notwithstanding the premiums and bounties granted by the French government have been diminished, their fishery has increased.

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1784 – The London Chronicle [19/08/1784]

From TUESDAY, August 17, to THURSDAY, August 19 1784. Nº 4337

Letters from Newfoundland, of the 21st ult. contain accounts of Admiral Campbell being at St. John’s, in the Salisbury, of 50 guns; the other ships of the squadron were on separate stations on the banks, to see that the French and Americans keep within the limits of their fishery, and that no disturbance is given to the English. The French had near 200 sail of vessels employed in the fishery at the beginning of the month; the number of Americans, who frequent chiefly the French settlement, was not known, …

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1783 – The London Chronicle [05/06/1783]

From TUESDAY, June 3, to THURSDAY, June 5 1783. Nº 4149

The French, it seems, are determined to lose no time in settling a colony at Miquelon and St Pierre. The Temeraire of 74 guns, lately sailed from Brest for those islands, having on board several families, and a large quantity of all the utensils proper for the cod fishery. As soon as the settlers are landed at those places, a fort is to be erected in the largest of those two islands, and sufficient fortifications to put both in a proper state …

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