An English History of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

A brief history of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

For centuries, the history of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and New France were closely linked, but by the second half of the 18th century, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon had become the lone French territory in North America. Its destiny, initially tied to the volatile relations between Britain and France, ultimately became a close reflection of France’s own struggles with absolutism, revolution, colonialism and war.

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1941 : Secretary of State to Ambassador Leahy (Vichy France)

The secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Leahy)
Washington, December 25, 1941.

The Secretary of State issued the following statement today :
« Our preliminary reports show that the action taken by three so-called Free French ships at St. Pierre-Miquelon was an arbitrary action contrary to the agreement of all parties concerned and certainly without the prior knowledge or consent in any sense of the U.S. Government.
This Government has inquired of the Canadian Government as to the steps that Government is prepared to take to restore the status quo of these islands. »
Cordell Hull

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1941 : Washington’s opposition to Free French Actions

Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by Acting Chief of the Division of European Affairs (Atherton).
(Washington) December 16, 1941

(…) I informed Mr Moffat that the President did not favor a policy whereby the Free French were permitted to move in on the St. Pierre-Miquelon situation, that in this specific instance this was the issue at stake but that if later the question arose as to the Free French moving in on other French territorial possessions in this hemisphere, that with reference to recent exchanges between Washinton and Vichy, in so far as it was foreseeable now the attitude of this …

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