1890 – The Maritime Provinces, Chapter 50

The Maritime Provinces: a Handbook for Travelers
Harvard College Library, 1890

Chapter 50.
St. Pierre and Miquelon.

Time-Table for 1888. — Str. St. Pierre leaves Halifax every alternate Monday at 10 A. m. (providing the mail from England has then arrived), for St. Pierre, Miq., traversing the Bras d’Or Lakes, and culling at the following ports in Cape Breton.

  • St. Peter’s, fare, $6.00; return, $9.00,
  • Baddeck 7.00;  » 10.50,
  • Sydney 8.00; 12.00,
  • N. Sydney 8.00; 12.00,
  • and Cow Bay 9.00; 14.00,
  • including meals and state-room berth

Fare to St. Pierre, $15.00 ; return, #25. J St. Pierre may also be …

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1846 : New York Courier and Enquirer

From the New York Courier and Enquirer
14 november 1846

Of these two small islands,’ which belong to our continent, and which have been much talked of, and written about, in times past, In: of which the very existence and position are now comparatively unknown, the Courier de Etats Unis lakes occasion apropos of the arrival in our harbor of a French vessel of war under the command of Capt. Ledret, governor of St. Pierre,—to give this notice:

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