1803 – The Edinburgh Evening Courant [24/10/1803]

The Edinburgh Evening Courant – Number 14,331 – Monday, October 24, 1803.

From the London Gazette
Admiralty- Office, October 20
Copy of a letter from Vice-Admiral Gambier, commander in chief of his majesty’s ships and vessels at Newfoundland, to Sir Evan Nepean, Bart, dated on board the ffis, at St John’s, Aug 20, 1803.


I Send herewith an extract of a letter from Captain Malbon, of his Majesty’s ship Aurora, giving an account of his having taken possession of the Islands of St Pierre and Miquelon, which you will be please to lay before the Lords Commissioners of the …

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1778 – Benjamin Franklin et al.

Passy, July 16, 1778.

May it please your honors, we have the honor to enclose a copy of a letter just received from M. de Sartine, the minister of state for the marine of this kingdom, in answer to which we have had the honor to assure his excellency that we would embrace the first opportunity of communicating it to your honors. We have not the smallest doubts of the good inclinations of the people in America to supply the necessities of their friends in St. Pierre and Miquelon, nor of the abilities of those in the Northern States to …

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1778 – De Sartine au Congrès américain (2)

Versailles, July 29, 1778.

Gentlemen: I have received the letter which yon did me the honor to transmit on the 16th instant. His majesty relies greatly on the succors of provisions which the government of Massachusetts Bay may furnish the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

The difficulties which the privateers of the United States have experienced till now in the ports of France, either as to the sale of their prizes or to secure their prisoners must cease, from the change of circumstances. I make no doubt, on the other hand, but that the United States will grant the …

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1778 – The London Chronicle [17/11/1778]


Admiralty – Office, Nov. 14, 1778

Extracts of dispatches from vice-admiral Montagu comander in chief of his majesty’s ships and vessels at Newfoundland, to Mr. Stephens, received by the Hawke sloop, lately arrived from that island at Spithead.

Extract of a Letter from Vice-Admiral Montagu to Mr. Stephens, dated at St. John’s Newfoundland, October 5, 1778.
FOR the information of my lords commissioners of the admiralty, I beg to acquaint you that as soon as I received certain intelligence that hostilities were commenced by …

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