1876 – Novel Telegraphy, electrification of an island

The Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art: 1876
Electrical Science


A CURIOUS discovery has been made by Mr. Gott, the superintendent of the French company’s telegraph station at the little island of St. Pierre Miquelon. There are two telegraph stations on the island. One, worked in connection with the Anglo American company’s lines by an American company, receives messages from Newfoundland and sends them on to Sydney, using for the latter purposes a powerful battery and the ordinary Morse signals.

The second station is worked by the French Transatlantic Company, and is furnished with …

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L’île Verte – Terre française ou canadienne ?

I. Interprétations de l’accord de 1972
Lors de l’accord de 1972, sa position fut utilisée pour délimiter les eaux territoriales entre les deux pays. On en retrouve un extrait dans la publication
« Limits in the Seas, No. 57, « Canada-St. Pierre and Miquelon Territorial Sea Boundary, »12 September 1974 »
On y lit : « The line which determines the limit of the territorial waters of Canada and the zones submitted to the fishery jurisdiction of France extends northward and westward in a series of eight connected straight lines joining the following points (…)
5 The low water mark …

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