20 novembre 1908.

Two disturbances on the Miquelon Islands which culminated in the hoisting of the American flag by some of the angry inhabitants, have a very direct interest for the people of Canada. These islands are geographically a part of Newfoundland, and, lying as they do just off the mouth of Fortune Bay, could be made to command Canada’s eastern doorway via the St. Lawrence. If they are to pass out of the control of France, Canada or Newfoundland, which will eventually become a part of the Dominion, ought to succeed to the control …

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1874 : A Review of Public Events at Home and Abroad for the year (Niobe)

Annual Register : A Review of Public Events at Home and Abroad for the year 1874

The Niobe left Halifax for St Pierre, intending to communicate with the French naval officer at that place before proceeding on a fishing cruise. A thick fog was experienced the whole pas sage and the consequence was she was unable to reach St Pierre Roads. On May 20 she came to anchor on the west side the Sandy Neck joining the Great and Little Miquelon Islands; but finding the anchorage not a desirable one, and from the state of the weather thinking it possible, …

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