1925 : St. Pierre and Miquelon Stagger Under Booze Load

St. Pierre and Miquelon Stagger Under Booze Load
October 1st, 1925, Lethbridge Herald

GLASGOW, Oct. l. St. Pierre and Miquelon, the little French islands off the Newfoundland coast, are whiskey-logged, according to reports hero. Four hundred thousand gallons of liquor, chiefly Scotch whiskey, are said to have been landed there, by rum-runners who could not dodge the coastguard and put it ashore in the United States. The liquor is valued at $3,750,000.

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1764 – The Public Register

The Public Register, Dublin, October 9, 1764

Admiralty-Office, Oct 2. By Letters lately received from Commodore Paliſſer, dated at St. John’s in Newfoundland the ſirſt of laſt Month, it-appears, that having diſpatched a Sloop with a Letter to the French Governor at St. Pierre, to enquire into the Truth of the Reports which prevailed of the French haying mounted Cannon, and erected Works on that Iſland contrary to Treaty, he, in Anſwer, received Aſſurances from the ſaid Governor, that there was only one Four Pounder Gun mounted without a Platform, and with no other Intention than to anſwer Signals to …

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1803 – The Edinburgh Evening Courant [24/10/1803]

The Edinburgh Evening Courant – Number 14,331 – Monday, October 24, 1803.

From the London Gazette
Admiralty- Office, October 20
Copy of a letter from Vice-Admiral Gambier, commander in chief of his majesty’s ships and vessels at Newfoundland, to Sir Evan Nepean, Bart, dated on board the ffis, at St John’s, Aug 20, 1803.


I Send herewith an extract of a letter from Captain Malbon, of his Majesty’s ship Aurora, giving an account of his having taken possession of the Islands of St Pierre and Miquelon, which you will be please to lay before the Lords Commissioners of the …

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