1941 : Memorandum from the Secretary of State to the President

Memorandum by the Secretary of State
Memorandum for the President.

I refer to your memorandum of January 26 on the subject of the St. Pierre-Miquelon occupation.
In view of the fact that certain policies are obligations of this Government relating to the war situation were materially affected on both sides of the Atlantic by the unexpected occupation of the St. Pierre-Miquelon islands by the Free French naval forces on December 2, 1941, this Government proceeded, in a spirit of friendly settlement which could be found acceptable by all concerned. This Government suggested a broad basic proposal, a copy of which …

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1941 : Department of State to President

January 8, 1942

My dear Mr. President:

After giving careful consideration to all of the circumstances in connection with the St. Pierre Miquelon situation and with a view to arriving at an acceptable solution I have drafted the enclosed suggested telegram to Admiral Leahy setting forth a formula for the settle- ment of the matter. My suggestion would be that before sending this telegram in the event you approve it the telegram be submitted to the British and Canadian Govern- ments for their concurrence.

Without specifically stating so this would amount to a trusteeship. It seems …

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1941 : The Consul at St. Pierre-Miquelon to the Secretary of State

The Consul at St. Pierre-Miquelon (Pasquet) to the Secretary of State
St. Pierre-Miquelon, December26, 1941

(…) The Admiral plans to keep the corvette Mimosa, his flagship, and the Surcouf in St.Pierre until the colony is running smoothly again and its protection assured.
I then asked Admiral Museler what financial arrangements he expected to make to continue the supplying of this colony and he replied that the New York Free French committee was conduction negotiations to that effect but that in any event the General would be making suitable arrangements. This point, of course, has been brought up by several local …

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1941 : Secretary of State to Ambassador Leahy (Vichy France)

The secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Leahy)
Washington, December 25, 1941.

The Secretary of State issued the following statement today :
« Our preliminary reports show that the action taken by three so-called Free French ships at St. Pierre-Miquelon was an arbitrary action contrary to the agreement of all parties concerned and certainly without the prior knowledge or consent in any sense of the U.S. Government.
This Government has inquired of the Canadian Government as to the steps that Government is prepared to take to restore the status quo of these islands. »
Cordell Hull

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1941 : The Consul at St. Pierre-Miquelon to the Secretary of State

Télégramme – The Consul at St. Pierre-Miquelon (Pasquet) to the Secretary of State.
St-Pierre-Miquelon, December 24, 1941 – 8 a.m.

Three Free French corvettes and submarine Surcouf under the command of Admiral Muselier entered early this morning to occupy St. Pierre-Miquelon. No difficulties anticipated. Pasquet

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1941 : Washington’s opposition to Free French Actions

Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by Acting Chief of the Division of European Affairs (Atherton).
(Washington) December 16, 1941

(…) I informed Mr Moffat that the President did not favor a policy whereby the Free French were permitted to move in on the St. Pierre-Miquelon situation, that in this specific instance this was the issue at stake but that if later the question arose as to the Free French moving in on other French territorial possessions in this hemisphere, that with reference to recent exchanges between Washinton and Vichy, in so far as it was foreseeable now the attitude of this …

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