1714 – William Taverner’s First Report relating to Newfoundland

1714 – William Taverner’s First Report relating to Newfoundland

I waited on Collnl John Moody who gave me severall papers to Publish when I should arrive at St Peters [SAINT-PIERRE] requesting me to Administer the Oath of Allegiance to her late Majy & Crown of Brittain To all the french Inhabitants who were willing to take it. To use my utmost endeavours to persuade ’em to continue in their respective Plantations and, if possible to hinder all French Ships from Fishing and Trading in those parts which belong to the English by the late Treaty of Peace. He also let …

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1930 : Object to French Restrictions on Liquor Exports to U.S.

8 juillet 1930
Object to French Restrictions on Liquor Exports to U.S.

Paris, July 7 – Efforts of the department of colonies to prevent the legal handling of liquor shipments by residents of the islands of Miquelon, off the Newfoundland coast, have met with much opposition from inhabitants of the island, who are besieging the ministry with protests defending their right to the profits of this trade.
In the past few months, these islands have grown comparatively wealthy from the flood of liquor which pours through the islands en route to the United States as a result …

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1918 : War Has Had Little Effect on Inhabitants of Miquelon, off Newfoundland Coast

12 février 1918
War Has Had Little Effect on Inhabitants of Miquelon, off Newfoundland Coast.

St. Pierre, Miquelon, Feb 12. – War conditions have caused but slight damage to the business interest of this little French colony, although lack of shipping and interruption of the sea trade has joined here as elsewhere with other war factors to raise the cost of necessities. It also has brought high prices for fish, the principal stock in the trade of the islands, and catches have been unusually good. One result of the prosperity has been that many of the …

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1999 : Canada a key snooper in huge spy network

Canada a key snooper in huge spy network
Report says alliance is able to intercept nearly any message
Jim Bronskill The Ottawa Citizen
Monday, May 24, 1999

Canada belongs to a global spy network capable of snooping on virtually every type of communication, from long-distance phone calls to Internet e-mail, says a newly published study.

The detailed report, prepared for the European Parliament, warns that the electronic intelligence agencies of the world’s major English-speaking countries increasingly use the information they collect to gain an upper hand on economic rivals.

It concludes the surveillance web controlled by the UKUSA alliance — …

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1713 – 17xx : William Taverner

"On 21 July 1713 Taverner was commissioned as “Surveyor of such part of the coast of Newfoundland and the Islands adjacent as the French have usually fished upon and wherewith our subjects are at present unacquainted.” Frequently consulted by the Board of Trade during the next eight months, he was able to pass on useful information as well as advice about the situation in the newly acquired territories. When Taverner arrived at Placentia on 27 June 1714, Lieutenant-Colonel Moody, who had been designated deputy governor of Placentia, put a ship at his disposal to begin the survey. On 23 July …

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1903 – The Second St Pierre

MCGRATH P. T. (Sir), 1903, The second St. Pierre. In New England Magazine May vol. 28 new series (3) pp. 285-298 illus..

The Second St. Pierre
By P. McGrath

THE destruction by earthquake in May, 1902, of St. Pierre, Martinique, suddenly reminded the world of the existence of that unfortunate city, but there happily has been little to call its attention to a second French colonial town, that of St. Pierre, Miquelon. Yet this latter should be a place of no small interest to us, because it serves as a sort of halfway house for the New England fishing fleet …

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