1869 – John Gott, surintendant de l’Anglo American Telegraph

John GOTT (1840 – 1914)

First Superintendent at the St Pierre Miquelon telegraph station
Born Kendal (Cumbria), worked for the Electric and International Telegraph Co

1864 Selected to join electrical staff on Great Eastern
1869 Appointed Supt of St Pierre
1884 Resigned from French Co.
Died Brighton 8 March

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1909 : To Abandon Islands.

1er juin 1909 : Toronto Star
To Abandon Islands.

St. Pierre Miquelon, June 1. – A conflict over the measures advocated in France for the re-population and restoration of industrial activity of this little islands colony, the lone surviving remnant of France’s once great dominion in North American, will result, it is feared, in the abandonment of the colony by the remaining 5,000 persons.

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1908 : Admiral Aube Is Needed at St. Pierre Miquelon to Preserve the peace.

19 décembre 1908
Admiral Aube Is Needed at St. Pierre Miquelon to Preserve the peace.

Debate Takes Place in the Senate Over Waving of Stars and Stripes.
Paris, Dec, 19. – There was an animated incident in the Senate this morning during the session of the Colonial Budget, regarding the recent rioting by the people of St. Pierre-Miquelon, over the quetsion of free schools. St. Pierre-Miquelon is a French islands off the coast of Newfoundland, and one feature of the demonstration was the raising of the American flag.
M. Milles-Le Croix, Minister …

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