St Pierre, Miquelon. May 6 – Yesterday in commemoration of the entry of the United States into the war all government and many private buildings and ships in the harbour were bedecked with flags. The Cercle St Pierrais invited the American Consul Mr Samuel H. Wiley, to meet the members of the colonial administration.  Toasts were given by Mr Wiley, by the administrator of the colony and by the Mayor of the city to the speedy success of the Allies.
In the evening large crowds with musicians and American and allied flags made an enthusiastic demonstration before the residence of the American Consul. The leader of the demonstration expressed himself as follows : – “The people of the patriotic islands, gathered here wish to express their appreciation and gratitude for Americans joining the Allies in the great struggle for freedom and by this demonstration they desire to cheer their great and glorious sister, America.
Mr. Wiley replied thanking the people in the name of the American Government for such a warm welcome to the ranks of the Allies, saying in the course of his speech that the courage of the St Pierre soldiers in the present war would be an inspiration to American soldiers.

The Gleaner, Kingston Jamaica,
Friday May 18, 1917

Grand Colombier

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